Acrow manufactures a modular boltless Pressfit Shelving (or Kwik Shelving) system that is available in 4 (four) basic sizes.

  • Shelf common measurements are: 914 mm in length with a depth range of 305; 381; 457 and 610mm.
  • The system is assembled using tubular uprights, ensuring that the profile configuration is limitless.
  • Carrying capacities vary from 70kg for the 914 x 610mm shelf to 150kg for the 914 x 305 mm shelf.
  • System allows for speed and ease of installation
  • System allows flexibility in shelf height arrangement
  • System allows for expansion at a later stage
  • Easy to install as no bolts or nuts are required
Acrow Shelf Sizes
Acrow Pressfit Shelving (Kwik Shelving)