Scaffolding and Formwork Manufacturers

Choosing the Right Formwork and Scaffolding Solutions for Your Project

Whether you are a local contractor fabricating a small one-storey home or a major construction company under contract for a huge office building, having the right equipment is an essential part of the job. No contractor can survive for very long using substandard construction materials. Choosing the right supportive elements like scaffolding and formwork from a reputable manufacturer is just as important as selecting the right power tools. We manufacture formwork and scaffolding in accordance with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) Certification, so you are guaranteed quality workmanship.

It may seem like a simple part of your operation, but scaffolding and formwork has a vital role to play in any large scale construction project. Without the right scaffolding and formwork, your employees – and your project – are put at risk. Just as importantly, substandard formwork and scaffolding can put your company at risk of litigation and prosecution under local and national safety laws.

That is why the smartest contractors are also the ones that pay the most attention to safety. Those experienced contractors know that safety is their most important job, and they understand how choosing the right scaffolding and formwork can help them in that endeavour. They look for scaffolding and formwork that is well made and manufactured to last, and formwork that can be adapted to the needs of each new project. Far from being a mere afterthought, choosing the right scaffolding and formwork should be an integral part of planning your next construction project.


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