Quick, safe and easily erected portable tower.

Easy to erect with components that simply slot together.

Acrow Selfix Towers are quick, safe and easily erected to meet the requirements of all types of access trades, interior and exterior. The components simply slot together, eliminating the necessity of fittings and tools that would otherwise get lost or damaged.

The towers can either be mobile or static with the use of castor wheels or baseplates. Guardrail posts and handrails are easily fitted giving a safe and rigid access platform. All frames are made from, lightweight steel tube (frame measuring 1524 x 914 mm weighs only 12.95 kg) and all of the equipment is fully painted and will not rust or corrode therefore requiring little or no maintenance. The frames are in three widths: 1524m, 2134m and 3048m which, when interchanged can give six different base dimensions.

Sequence of assembly

  1. Place the first two frames parallel with each other and slot on a plan brace from corner to corner.
  2. Place the next two frames at 90 ° to the first two and add the knee braces, one on each corner if required.
  3. Add the base plates or castor wheels.
  4. Add further frames in the same manner until the required working height is reached. Plan branches should be included at every 2743 mm (3Frames) in height.
  5. The top two frames are then tied across with Handrails and/or Board Bearers and Handrail Posts and handrails fitted.
  6. Scaffold boards are then placed at platform height together with toe boards.
Acrow Selfix Towers