Acrow offers two cantilever racking solutions, namely: The CantiRack solution and the Acrowrack Series 240

The CantiRack:

  • Infinitely adjustable arms – can be placed where you need them
  • Smooth connection between arms and post – no bracket to damage stock
  • High safety factor – the greater the load, the stronger the arm grips (3-1 factor safety)
  • Add a roof for weather protection
  • Channel arms for larger support area – kinder to your products
  • Easily and quickly installed – less disruption
  • Structural steel columns – for safety and impact resistance
  • Extensive range of accessories – end stops, pallet rails, decking angles, guide rails etc
  • Easy re-arrangement
  • Freestanding
  • Computerized load data for every application

Technical Specifications:

  • No theoretical limit.
  • Height range 2.5 m – 5.5 m standard.
  • Available in both single and double sided columns.
  • Supplied with or without removable stops.
  • Standard powder coated finish.
  • CantiRack is designed to fit on a firm and level base.

Acrowrack Series 240:

  • “Long Loud” storage potential – the same rack can accommodate material in a wide range of lengths
  • Robust steel construction
  • The arms adjust every 76.2 mm in the height
  • Single or double sided
  • Easily and quickly erected
  • Computerized load data for every application
  • 3-1 factor of safety
Acrow Canti-Rack