Acrow Standard Telescopic Floor Centres are light, compact, easy to handle and apply. They are available in two sizes covering a range from 1620 to 4570 mm. Having no built-in chamber enables them to be used on short spans for light slab construction or longer spans for heavier slab construction by the simple introduction of intermediate supports.
A top width bearing surface in excess of 100mm gives excellent stability during erection. No loose parts. Simple to erect by unskilled labour. Easy to transport and store.
General Notes
Allowance has been made to ensure that floor centres will strip when used at the minimum stated span, i.e. at 1620 mm for size no. 2 and 2580 for size no. 3.
The Acrow standard props under the floor centres should be braced in both directions with tube and fittings.
Technical data
Tables are based on a concrete mass of 2400kg/m3 plus a superimposed load of 146 kg/m Maximum deflection (without props) = 6mm.
Maximum deflection (with One or more props) = 3mm.
Acrow Floor Centres
Acrow Floor Centres